Co-created in 2016 by Leah Daniels-Butler, Russell Boast and Michael Sanford as an extension to work done in this area by members and board members over many years, Equity In Entertainment is focused on amplifying under-represented actors and empowering our members to authentically cast. By engaging our members and the acting community alike in training events and discussions, we continue to introduce and advocate for actors in theatre, film, and television. To date, we have held open call and training events for Performers with Disabilities (PWD), Trans and Non-Binary Actors, Native American and Indigenous Actors (NAIA) and Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian (MENASA), and Senior Actors. Creating a rich fabric of representation across storytelling in all media is of paramount importance to our organization and with the current climate, we are more focused than ever on our upcoming initiatives and collaborations that broaden our relationships with underserved groups. 


Our Commitment... 

  • Dedicated to increasing access for actors who have been historically underrepresented in the entertainment industry. 

  • Expand perceptions to create a rich fabric of representation in storytelling across all media that more closely reflects the global society in which we all live. 

  • Develop strategies and practices to support, respect and appreciate the differences of artists in all communities, with the purpose to shift the perception and practices in audition rooms and on set. 

  • Further the conversation to make concrete lasting change. 

  • Engage in informed discussions with creative and producing teams by introducing and advocating for qualified actors in theatre, film and television

This subcommittee is focused on partnering with and seeking opportunities to partner with outside organizations to expand equity in the entertainment industry. This includes groups we have already partnered with as well as groups we have plans to partner with, such as Women of Color Unite (WOCU), BLM, GLAAD, Respectability, Nosotros, AAPAC, #CastBlackTalent, etc. This committee partners closely with the Training & Education committee.

Women of Color Unite - WOCU

Mike Page, Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick, Stephanie Klapper, Kendra Castleberry

This subcommittee works on creating and executing education and training initiatives within EIE, such as anti-bias training. This committee partners closely with the Training & Education Committee and the national board.

Equity Training
Community Townhalls
Training & Education with HBCU’s

Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick, Stephanie Klapper, Caroline Liem

This subcommittee works to effect concrete change in how actors in historically underrepresented communities are afforded access to job opportunities. The goals of these events are for both constituencies to better understand the practical issues they encounter in their respective professions. Typically, these initiatives follow a three-prong approach including a Town Hall, a business of the business and/or Training Event, and an Open Call.

Previous Actor Groups
Transgender Actors
PWD- Performers with Disabilities
MENASA- Middle East, North Africa and South Asia Actors
NAIA- Native American and Indigenous Actors

Top 20 for 2020
Black Actors

Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick, Stephanie Klapper, Kendra Castleberry